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RASHLANDER is a super tough take on the classic Lunar Lander gameplay in which you pilot your little spacecraft around procedurally generated micro-verses populated by Mario Galaxy-esque planetoids.

The gameplay in RASHLANDER is very easy to pick up and play but very hard to master. In each level you must make your way from the starting point to the finish and land successfully. There’s lots of debris floating around in space, which you can thankfully bash out of the way without damaging your ship, but colliding with a planet or large black mines can have catastrophic effects.

Your little space craft has its own inertia and is affected by the gravitational pulls of planets so you’ll need to adjust your trajectory along the way. You will have to be careful with your fuel consumption though, every time you fire your thrusters you’ll use up some fuel and the only way to refuel is by landing on designated refueling stations (your fuel level doesn’t top up between levels).

RASHLANDER is a simple, but very addictive little game, with a beautiful minimalistic visual style, fun physics and great use of shadow effects to bring its little Universe to life. You’ll need a deft touch and nerves of steel to pilot your way through this wonderful retro rocket-propelled romp.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

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  1. Hello! Developer here. I’m still adding things to this game! If you want to keep tabs on it (including upgrade system, secret areas, more game elements, fairer gameplay, etc.) feel free to follow me on Twitter, where I keep an active development log. Thanks again for the write-up Free Game Planet, this was really kind.

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