RASTER PRIME [REMIX] – Downloadable Game

RASTER PRIME [REMIX] is a stylish Sci-Fi puzzler that tests your pattern recognition skills as you try to decipher holographic glyphs on a mysterious monolith.

In RASTER PRIME [REMIX] you are tasked with investigating a mysterious monolith that’s been detected near the Trappist system orbiting a dying star. The monolith has a series of obelisks protruding from it and each one has holographic glyphs that specify a certain binary sequence you need to input to activate them.

The puzzle design in RASTER PRIME [REMIX] is a little reminiscent of The Witness and MYST. You’re given no instructions about what to do or how to interact with the monolith, but it just takes a little experimentation and problem solving to figure things out. The puzzles do get a little repetitive, but they are still oddly addictive, thaksn largely to how pleasing it is to complete each one.

It’s an impressive game with beautiful pixel art visuals, an otherworldly atmosphere and some excellent audio design. It does a good job of ramping up the difficulty of the puzzles once you have a grip of what’s going on, and you get a nice feeling of progression as you complete each obelisk. Will you unlock the mysteries of RASTER PRIME?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Android


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