Rat Inc. – Browser Game

Rat Inc. is a fun little bite-sized incremental clicker where a rat literally joins the rat race as they try to launch a career in a busy office building.

In Rat Inc. you are a new employee at Rat Inc., a glorious company that specialises in creating power. To create the power, you simply run in your wheel by alternating between pressing the left and right arrow keys. As with any good incremental game, as you progress you can purchase upgrades that allow you to work faster, generate more energy and eran promotions through the company.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a fun little incremental game with a nice premise, a rapid progression system and a great ending. It’s definitely worth taking 10 minutes out from the real rat race to mess around in this one for a while.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, Arrow Keys – Run

Available On: Browser

Play Rat Inc. Here

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