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RATS game

RATS is a very cool audio visual experience bases on the original song by WOSX, that plays like an interactive music video, as you explore a rat-filled WWII inspired world while accompanied by some super cool beats.

RATS is the latest interactive music experience from developer Ben Lunato (creator of Hammers). It’s a very intense game, that involves a narrative in which you are a Nazi soldier in the second World War, surrounded by other soldiers (the rats) and have visions of combat, concentration camps and your wife and child. Your wife and child clearly mean a lot to you and are the driving force that keep you focused throughout the unpleasantries of the war. Maybe that’ll be enough to keep you all alive, maybe not…

RATS is a strange, surreal and often unsettling experience – an intense and unique blend of thumping electronica and striking visual design. Turn the volume up and let the rats assault your senses.

Controls: Mouse – Look, WASD – Movement

Available On: Win, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download RATS Here

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