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RAVE and CLAW is a stylish and super fast paced mouse-controlled top-down arcade action game that sees you using your grappling hook to bodyslam enemies before they can get to you.

The gameplay in RAVE and CLAW is all about speed and precision as you use your grappling hook to outmaneuver and bodyslam the enemies in each level. All the movement is controlled using the mouse, with you clicking anywhere you want the grappling hook to latch onto, whether it be a grapple point or an enemy you’re trying to dispatch.

Most enemies can be killed with a single hit, but so can you, so you need to be careful as you make your way around the levels. There’s a nice variety of different types of enemies to deal with, each of which will require a different tactic to defeat them (though attacking them before they attack you is usually the best option!)

It’s a fun and challenging little game, packed full of fast paced and addictive grappling hook-based arcade action. Although the gameplay mechanics are quite different, it’s got a similar vibe to Hotline Miami, with a cool synth soundtrack, stylish pixel art animation and one-hit-kill gameplay where planning routes, quick reflexes and precision aiming are key. Well worth checking out for some super cool grappling hook body-slamming fun.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download RAVE and CLAW Here

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