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Raven Keep is a fantastic Quake total conversion mod with a Bloodborne-esque dark gothic setting, which sees you searching for magic chalices within a vast, heavily guarded keep.

In Raven Keep you set out in search of three magic chalices which are key to unlocking a dark secret in its grim gothic world. The game features two sprawling levels (and one hub level), complete with lots of fun secrets, hordes of enemies and a few challenging boss fights.

It’s a very well crafted mod that offers a high level of challenge, whilst always feeling fair (as long as you’re not playing on the hardest difficulty level anyway). The core gameplay is obviously very Quake-like, but the setting and atmosphere are very different and there are some new weapons and lots of new enemies to blast.

The first level is a sprawling medieval keep, filled with guards, ravens and monsters (who will all fight each other if they get in each other’s way). It’s packed full of fun secrets and easter eggs too, with fun nods to things like American McGee’s Alice and Edgar Alan Poe, and there’s even a sighting of an alien spaceship. The second level is a little smaller but the art design in it is fantastic and very Bloodborne/Dark Souls-esque, with some excellent boss fights.

The double barrel shotgun could perhaps do with a bit of an upgrade, but other than Raven Keep is a flawless mod that transforms the classic game of Quake into a very different experience. The levels are very well designed, the story is interesting, it’s got a nice sense of humor and that art design is superb. Highly recommended.

To Play Raven Keep you will need to download Quakespasm and Quake (the full game or the free Shareware version) then extract Quakespasm and Raven Keep into the Quake folder, then run Quakespasm. Start a new game of Quake then press ` to bring up the console and type “game ravenkeep” to start the game (full instructions are included in the readme.txt file)

Controls: WASD – Movement, Shift – Toggle Tun, Spacebar – Jump, LMB – Shoot, Mousewheel – Change Weapons,

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Raven Keep Here

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  1. Hey there is major incorrect information here: Ravenkeep needs FULL VERSION of Quake. The free shareware version does not work.

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