Raver’s Rumble – Downloadable Game

Raver’s Rumble is a fun little adventure where you attempt to evade the cops and meet up with a friend after a wild crime spree.

Taking place in the Friends Vs Friends universe, Raver’s Rumble tells the story of a raven who’s just completed a rather ambitious crime spree. He needs to evade the cops while also trying to contact his buddy on the phone, all the while he listens in to what the cops are saying about him on the police radio.

The actual gameplay in Raver’s Rumble is pretty simple (you just need to choose directions and type numbers into a phone), but the writing is very funny, the vibrant visuals are packed full of character and the ending is a delight. It’s a lot of fun spending time with Raver and his heart was definitely in the right place during his ridiculous rampage!

Controls: Mouse – Point and Click

Available On: Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play Raver’s Rumble Here

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