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Realidad Revelada Game Download

Realidad Revelada is a short and powerful narrative based game that draws attention to the persecution of Venezuelans who march for peace, justice and freedom against an oppressive government, but are met with prosecution, violence and murder in the name of the law.

You can find some more info online about the state of Venezuela’s economy and government oppression, but needless to say it’s pretty grim, bad governmental decisions have caused inflation to go out of control, causing incredible hardship to the population, with widespread food shortages and the government perversely using the little rationed food that’s left as a means of controlling the population. The average Venezuelan eats only twice a day and spends 8 hours a week standing line line for food. This has obviously caused a lot of hatred towards the government, with riots being a common occurrence. Realidad Revelada looks to shine a light on the plight of the Venezuelans using real photographic images taken on the streets during the riots.

The gameplay in Realidad Revelada is fairly simple, with you walking along automatically and clicking on scenes that match the image you’re trying to find (and you occasionally have to wrestle with the police to save your camera). It’s not really about the gameplay though, Realidad Revelada is all about the story it tells through its images – real pictures that show real lives being affected in a humanitarian crisis that the rest of the world seems pretty much unaware of. Hopefully Realidad Revelada and the images within it will help raise awareness of the atrocities that have now become part of everyday life in Venezuela.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Realidad Revelada Here

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