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Realm Revolutions is a simple looking but incredibly addictive incremental clicker in that has a rapid progression system and a surprisingly deep amount of strategy as you build your empire, battle strange monsters and unlock new perks and units with each run.

Drawing inspiration from Swarm Simulator and Realm Grinder, Realm Revolutions offers a strategic take on incremental clicker gameplay where the type of units you invest in can have a dramatic effect on how fast your kingdom grows. Realm Revolutions isn’t much to look at – the interface is very simple and what little graphics there are are very basic, but it certainly makes up for it with its depth of gameplay.

In the game there are two types of resources – Gold and Food. Gold is required to purchase new buildings, while food is required to hire new citizens. You have a nice selection of buildings to purchase, each of which has unique perks associated with it, often allowing you to focus on the production of food or the production of gold.

There are lots of different strategies for creating optimal ‘builds’ of kingdoms, but generally it’s highly recommended to focus on food production, as citizens generate wealth and certain amounts of citizens are required to unlock building upgrades. If you get the correct build then it doesn’t take too long to reach an ‘end’ of a first run but that really is just the beginning as the ‘Assimilation’ mechanic in the game starts to take effect. This involves you battling certain amounts of monsters then Assimilating – which causes the game to restart again, but unlocks new buildings and perks for you to use on your next run. There are a LOT of Assimilations possible, slowly evolving the game and introducing new optimal strategies as you play.

It is easy to bounce off Realm Revolutions if you prefer flashier visuals or create a particularly bad build on your first attempt at the game, but if you make it to the first Assimilation stage then you’ll be hooked. A fast paced and highly addictive incremental clicker that has far more depth than initially meets the eye.

Controls: Point & Click

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Tips: Try to focus on food production by purchasing Farms, Wells and Homesteads. Feed the cows back into the Homesteads until they reach the limit of 50, then start feeding them into the Farms. It’s also worthwhile using the ‘Revolution’ option occasionally to help increase your gold production.

Download Realm Revolutions Here

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