Rebuild the Universe – Browser Game

Rebuild The Universe Game

Rebuild the Universe is an addictive, chilled out and informative incremental clicker in which you rebuild an entire universe, starting from subatomic quantum foam and creating atoms, life, structures, cities, planets, galaxies and beyond.

Rebuild the Universe takes the incremental clicker formula and removes the need to constantly click at all, instead focusing on a steady stream of new purchasable units, bonus upgrades and specials. All of which serves to make the amount of atoms you earn per second to go up and allow you to purchase more things.

The numbers increase pretty rapidly in the game, so the grind feels very gentle and perhaps most importantly – each new thing that you build, whether it be atoms, grains of sand, humans, the Eiffel Tower or Unanus, comes with a small snippet of interesting information. This actually means that you learn as you play the game, and perhaps uniquely for an incremental clicker, you don’t feel like you’ve totally wasted your time after playing it! A great little game that makes learning fun, and very addictive!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Rebuild the Universe Here

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