Red is Gone – Downloadable Game

Red is Gone is an inventive little mystery adventure where you figure out the correct words to discover Red Riding Hood’s story and save her from the wolf.

In Red is Gone you have been tasked with figuring out the whereabouts of Red after she went missing. As it’s based on Red Riding Hood you can bet a nasty wolf is involved, but there are Some significant differences for the classic story and you may even be able to change it.

As you follow in Red’s tracks you visit different scenes, look for clues and learn new words. You can then use these words to fill in the blanks in your storybook. Figure out the correct words and you’ll move onto the next scene and get closer to the elusive Red.

It’s a clever little game, with a great premise, an intuitive interface and a story that delivers an interesting twist on the classic tale. See if you can stop Red from becoming wolf food!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available on: Windows

Download Red is Gone Here

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