Red Remover – Browser Game

Red Remover game

Red Remover is a simple, charming and well crafted physics based puzzler in which you have to solve inventive puzzles that require you to remove all the red blocks from the screen while leaving the green ones intact.

Red Remover is a case of a simple premise that’s expertly executed, with you tasked with clicking away at colored blocks as you attempt to remove all the reds but keep all the greens. Although there are some exceptions, nearly any block you click on in the game will instantly pop and disappear. Getting rid of the red blocks is often quite easy but doing it in such a way that allows the green blocks to stay on the screen is another matter, especially once the difficulty ramps up and the puzzles get more complex.

As well as impressing with its inventive physics based puzzle design, Red Remover also impresses with it’s charming visual design that adds a lot of character to the game with it’s adorable smiley faced blocks. A great little puzzler, well worth checking out for some cheerful and cleverly crafted physics based fun

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Red Remover Here

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