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red rogue

Red Rogue is an impressively deep roguelike, with wonderful pixel art animation, procedurally generated level design, minions, lots of loot and cool secrets to unearth.

You have to descend the depths of the dungeon of chaos to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, battling a wide array of nasty enemies on your way.  You’re not alone though – you have a skeleton companion who you can fully customize with the loot you collect.  As you descend, you’ll level up, collect new armour and weaponry, and generally turn into a badass.

It’s worth scouring each level for secrets before leaving as each one usually has a few hidden areas located behind breakable walls.  Things get tough later on so keep an eye on your (and your minions) health and remember to disarm any traps before walking across them.  It’s a joy descending the dungeons of Red Rogue – a charming pixel art roguelike with plenty of depth.


Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Menu/Select, Search – Z, Summon – C, Disarm Trap – X, Shoot – F, Jump – V

Playable On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Download or Play Red Rogue in a Browser Here

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