Red Skull Reef – Browser Game

Red Skull Reef is a simple, but very addictive single-screen tower defense game where you use lots of upgradeable towers to protect your fort from waves of enemy ships.

In Red Skull Reef you are tasked with defending your fort from enemy ships as they attack along three different lanes. Ships on the left and right lanes will attack your auxiliary outposts and ships coming down the center lane will attack your main fort. It’s only the main fort that you need to protect to stay alive, but if you lose the auxiliary outposts then you’ll use some significant buffs to the shot speed and damage of all your towers, so it’s best to protect them if you can.

There’s a nice array of towers to place, all of which have their uses and can be upgraded significantly. Your tower’s projectiles fly across the screen until they hit something, making for some pretty spectacular bullet hell-esque patterns once you’ve built up your defenses a little.

Red Skull Reef doesn’t really do much new in terms of Tower Defense gameplay, but it’s a very polished, stylish and addictive take on the genre. It’s very accessible, but also offers a nice amount of strategy and upgrade options. See how long you can survive!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Red Skull Reef Here

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