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Reel is a beautifully animated point and click adventure with a entirely wordless narrative in which you explore alongside the main character instead of having direct control of her.

In Reel you accompany an old woman as she explores the building she works in late at night. You don’t have direct control of her, but you assist her in a variety of ways that often require you to experiment with your surroundings. Although you do click on some objects, a lot of time you interact with them just by moving your mouse cursor across them in a certain direction. your interactions often involve you turning on lights or moving objects slightly like some kind of helpful poltergeist.

The artwork, animation and audio design is fantastic throughout Reel’s 15 minute playtime, creating a wonderful sense of atmosphere as you discover the hidden secrets of the building alongside the old lady while the rain pours down outside. It really is a fantastic little experimental point, click and swipe adventure we highly recommend checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Full Playthrough: Here

Note: In the current build there is a bug that occurs if you click the wrong hotspot in this room  – make sure you click the lampstand on the right and NOT the hanging light on the right and you’ll be ok.

Download Reel Here

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