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Regulation Pool Game Download

Regulation Pool is a fun blend of Super Monkey Ball-esque ball rolling, Billiards and Norse Mythology that sees you attempting to pot push capsule-style balls containing different items to grow Yggdrasil – a mythical tree that’s said to be the center of the Cosmos.

Regulation Pool claims to be the ‘world’s most authentic billiards simulator’, which thankfully it’s not. For starters you don’t bother with using a cue, instead using direct control of a pool ball that handles much like the balls in Super Monkey Ball. Your aim is to maneuver yourself around the pool table, potting all the push capsules that are dropped on the table by Yggdrasil.

There are several different items the push capsules can contain – cherries, strawberries, 1-Ups and bombs. Potting the cherries and strawberries will recharge Yggdrasil’s power and allow it to grow more, potting 1-Ups will earn you an extra life and bombs must be potted before they explode or you’ll lose a life. Your aim is to stay alive and pot enough fruit to make Yggdrasil grow to it’s full size – all the while accompanied by circus music.

It’s a very strange mishmash of genres, mythology and music that somehow works very well – creating an addictive, fast paced ball roller that sees you frantically scurrying across the table to pot the balls. It’s certainly not the world’s most authentic billiards simulator – it’s way more fun than that!

Controls – WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Regulation Pool Here

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