Rent For 30 Seconds – Browser Game

Rent For 30 Seconds game

Rent For 30 Seconds is a charming and surprisingly challenging little management sim in which you rent a room to customers for 30 seconds and the amount you make is dependent on the Rent Advisor rating they give you.

You start off in Rent For 30 Seconds with a small amount of money and a handful of customers. Your customers have different needs – food, sleep and entertainment. Your job is to kit out the room with furniture that will make them as happy as possible and make you as rich as possible.

The better the rating of your room, the more customers will want to come and the more money you’ll make. This has its own issues though as the furniture will break after a certain amount of uses and fights can even break out over certain pieces of equipment if to many people are waiting to use them. It turns out it’s quite tricky to build the perfect room. How well will you do?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, R – Rotate Furniture

Available On: All Browsers

Ludum Dare Page: Here

Play Rent For 30 Seconds Here

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