Repeater – Downloadable Game

Repeater is a creepy and clever little first person adventure where you try to escape from a circular hallway that fills up with doppelgangers that copy your movement.

In Repeater you find yourself trapped in a circular looping hallway that’s lined with doors. The hallway always has one door which is open and you need to find it and exit through it. However, each time you do that you return to the hallway and a doppelganger is also placed there who repeats all of your previous movements. Each time you go through an exit door another doppelganger is added, and if you touch one of them when you’re moving through the hallway then you need to start again.

It’s a fun concept that essentially pits you against yourself and can get pretty intense as all of the doppelgangers add up. You’ll need a little forward planning and careful movement if you ever want to escape the Repeater!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play Repeater Here

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