Replicant – Browser Game

Replicant is a great little Blade Runner fan game that recreates the famous Replicant interview scene at the start of the movie and puts you in the shoes of the Replicant who is taking the test.

If you’ve ever seen Ridley Scott’s cyberpunk masterpiece Blade Runner then you’ll know all about Replicants and the famous intro scene. For those unaware, Replicants are bioengineered beings that can replicate human behavior almost perfectly, but they can be detected via a “Voight-Kampff” test – a series of questions designed to provoke emotional responses.

In Replicant you take on the role of a Replicant and must try to hold your nerve as you answer a series of questions from an interviewer. Some of the questions are straight out of the movie and some are new, but you need to try and guess the correct response or you’ll be “retired”.

It’s a great little game that does a superb job of creating the Blade Runner vibe with its audio and excellent pixel art cutscenes. The questions are genuinely tricky and the the way the heartbeat increases as your fail-rate increases is a great touch that really builds tension. Are you a Replicant?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Replicant Here

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