Requiescat in Pace – Download Game

Requiescat in Pace sees you learning how to let go as you solve an intricate puzzle book full of memories.

In Requiescat in Pace you find yourself looking through an old family album that your mother gave you a long time ago. It’s no ordinary book, and to reach your most prized memory you’ll have to use the objects you find within its paces to solve intricate point and click adventure-esque puzzles.

The visual design is excellent and (a little like in The Room games) solving the puzzles in Requiescat in Pace is a very tactile experience, with you physically moving the items around the pages of the book to unravel its secrets. There is one puzzle that seems a little obscure (the mountain) and the way objects reset if left on pages when you turn them is a bit odd, but on the whole it’s great game. A book full go memories well worth delving into.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Requiescat in Pace Here

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