Resonance of the Ocean – Downloadable Game

Resonance of the Ocean is a beautiful and relaxing little sound-based puzzle adventure where you search an island for objects that can recreate sounds you hear from across the sea.

In Resonance of the Ocean you find yourself washed up on a myserious little island that’s home to a lighthouse and a large horn that faces out across the sea. Each day you hear a different melodic noise that’s coming from somewhere across the sea. You need to search the island for objects that you can use to recreate the noises, then use them at the horn to transmit the noise back across the sea.

Initially things start off fairly simply but as the days pass you need to combine multiple objects to create more complex noises. You also find various notes which help shed a little light on the mysterious island and the melodies that come from across the sea.

It’s a very chilled out little game with a beautiful hand drawn art style and clever melody-based puzzle gameplay. The final day’s puzzles are particularly fun and the whole thing makes for a very uplifting experience.

Controls: Mouse and Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Resonance of the Ocean Here

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