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Respite is a beautifully animated little narrative-driven point and click experience where you water plants, listen to your friend’s advice and decide whether to take a much needed break from the rat race.

In Respite you take on the role of an overworked and overstressed white collar worker in Hong Kong. You share a flat with some friends and it seems that last night things came to a head, with them confronting you about your overwhelming workload and suggesting you take a break. You didn’t take the suggestion very well, accusing a large argument to break out. You wake up the day after and decide to water the plants to make up for your outburst, while reading the various post-it notes that have been placed around the flat by your friends.

It takes around 10 minutes to play through Respite and it’s a well pieced together bit of storytelling that allows you to really get to know your character and his flatmates, just via the various notes and musings about objects in the apartment. The working culture in Hong Kong is a little different from the Western world so your character’s dedication to his work does seem a tad extreme, but overworking and exhaustion are things we’ve all dealt with at some time. It’s heartwarming that your character’s friends care enough to speak out – something not everyone would have the courage to do – but will you listen?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Respite Here

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