Return to Castle Monkey Ball – Browser Game

Return to Castle Monkey Ball is a wonderfully bizarre fusion of Wolfenstein 3D and Super Monkey Ball, which sees you rolling your way through a procedurally generated Nazi fortress!

In Return to Castle Monkey Ball B.J. Blazkowicz swaps guns for a hamster-ball as he races through a Nazi fortress collecting bannanas and bashing Nazis. The game features eight procedurally generated levels, with each one seeing you attempting to grab bananas and reach the level exit before your time runs out. There are no weapons, but you can bash into Nazis to kill them, earning you a little time bonus into the bargain.

At the moment the procedurally generated levels don’t really feel very well structured, but other than that it’s a great mash-up that works surprisingly well. You’ll have a ball whacking Nazis in this fun little fusion of two very different games!

Controls: Arrow Keys/WASD – Movement

Available On: Browser

Play Return to Castle Monkey Ball Here

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