Return to Northbury Grove – Downloadable Game

Return to Northbury Grove is a VR only slasher horror game inspired by classic slasher movies.

Created by Scythe Dev Team (creators of Happy’s Humble Burger Farm), Return to Northbury Grove is the fourth in the series of the Northbury Grove games and this time it uses VR to fully immerse you in the experience. You are an aspiring actor who was supposed to attend a rock festival, but has been kidnapped and thrown into a labyrinthine kill-house. You’ll now need to avoid traps, complete trials and escape the killer, who has an adaptive AI to ensure no two playthroughs are the same.

It’s a tough and terrifying game that has some excellent audio design and some terrifying moments. The previous trips to Northbury Grove were scary, but nothing’s quite as intense as standing there yourself!

Controls: VR Controllers

Available On: Windows & Quest

Download Return to Northbury Grove Here

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