Reverie – Downloadable Game

Reverie is a delightful little game where you go ice skating on your birthday and dream big about becoming a professional figure skater.

Created by Selkie Harbor (creators of Everything You Didn’t Get to Do), Reverie is a short and chilled out little game where you go ice skating on your birthday. You’ve just received your gift (a set of ice skates) and you try them out on the ice while being taught by your mentor. After a while you start to imagine yourself as a champion figure skater as you speed around on the ice.

There’s no real objective to Reverie – you just enjoy yourself and get wrapped up in your figure skating dream while pulling off spins, jumps and poses on the ice. It’s a wonderful experience that does a great job of capturing the feeling of envisioning the possibilities ahead of you as you try out a new thing. An icy little experience that will leave you feeling warm inside.

Controls: Control Pad Recommended

Available On: Windows

Download Reverie Here

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