Reversary – Browser Game

Reversary is a reverse boss fighting game where you control a Dark Souls-esque boss who battles a very persistent human who keeps coming back stronger each time you beat them.

Created for Ludum Dare 50, Reversary is a surprisingly touching reverse boss battle game where you control a powerful boss. You’re defending the gateway that leads to the Empress you serve. You’re incredibly powerful and able to slay the human “hero” with just a couple of blows (initially anyway), but much like a Dark Souls player, the human is persistent and they keep levelling up, learning new skills and coming back for more. Your failure is sadly inevitable, but the conversations you have with the human before each fight allow you to learn more about the world, the human and yourself. You may even start to form an odd friendship along the way.

The combat is a little clunky, but that’s kind of the point as you’re a big lumbering boss and it’s the story that really makes Reversary special. The conversations are beautifully written and tell a touching narrative peppered with some great humor. It does a great job of relaying what it would feel like to be a Dark Souls boss, with a puny human returning ever-more powerful until they eventually beat you. You may never be able to win, but you will earn each-other’s respect. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, C – Jump, X – Magic, Z – Melee

Available On: Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Reversary Here

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