Rhomb – Browser Game

Rhomb Game

Rhomb is an addictive logic based puzzler in which you attempt to untie knots of rhombuses without letting them come into contact with each other.

Rhomb presents you with a series of increasingly complex complex knots of rhombuses and you have to click on each rhombus in turn to get them to move along a predetermined track to its resting point. If a rhombus comes into contact with another rhombus while moving to its destination then you fail the level, so the trick is to figure out the correct order in which to move each one. Things start off fairly easily, but things get tougher later on when modifiers such as gates that open and close or pairs of rhombuses that move in unison are introduced to make things a little more complicated.

It’s a simple looking, but addictive game with a very chilled out atmosphere thanks to the lack of a timer and soothing ambient music. A fun little puzzler, well worth getting a-rhomb to!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Rhomb Here

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