Rhythm Heroes – Browser Game

Rhythm Heroes

Rhythm Heroes is a fun and surprisingly challenging rhythm action game in which you help Adventure Time’s Finn keep up with the beat in various odd scenarios – from along to Party Pat’s tunes to fighting your way across a bridge.

You play Finn, and must tap along to the songs by pressing the Z and X keys at the correct times. Unlike most rhythm action games though, there’s no Guitar Hero-style scrolling track telling you when to push the buttons – you have to figure it out yourself from the visual and audio cues in the game. So if a bee fly’s at you when you’re running across the bridge you press the jump button, or if Marceline shouts a certain way you clap your hands three times, etc.

It’s a fun, and rather tricky game (especially the second level). The audio and pixel art animation throughout Rhythm Heroes are both superb, nailing the cheerful, playful spirit of Adventure Time perfectly. Toe tapping, rhythm action Adventure Time fun.

Controls: Z/X – Action

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Rhythm Heroes Here

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