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RHYTHM ROAD is a fun little game in which you create your own little pixel art character and set forth on a charming, cheerful and challenging retro rhythm action adventure.

In RHYTHM ROAD you create your own little pixel art character using an editor that requires you to create three different frames of animation. It’s very easy to use – even novices can knock something up that looks reasonably presentable. Once you create your character you then set of on a joyful retro rhythm action adventure set across eight stylish pixel art worlds that are accompanied by some super catchy retro MIDI audio tracks.

The gameplay in RHYTHM ROAD is fairly simple but surprisingly tough, with you trying to match up button presses to the corresponding promps that appear below your feet. It’s not a particularly new concept, but the excellent soundtrack more than make up for that and it’s a joy watching your little custom-built character running ever onwards through the stylish pixel art game world. A cheerful and charming pixel art rhythm action runner well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys & Space

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download RHYTHM ROAD Here

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