Ribeye Charlie’s – Download Game

Ribeye Charlie’s is a short VHS styled horror game that sees you searching for a way to escape a steakhouse while being stalked by two freaky looking minotaurs.

After leaving your wallet behind, you return to the Ribeye Charlie’s restaurant just as it’s closing to search for it. Unfortunately you find yourself trapped in there and must now search for a way to escape. However it soon becomes apparent that you’re not alone – god knows where Charlie gets his meat steak from but there are two suited minotaurs roaming the corridors through the back of the restaurant. You’ll need to avoid them and find four fuses to escape the restaurant alive.

It’s a fairly short game and the stealth horror gameplay of Ribeye Charlie’s isn’t particularly groundbreaking, but it’s got a great sense of atmosphere that really puts you on edge. It feels like you’ve stepped into a grimy VHS video nasty and the cow-headed monsters are particularly freaky. The sound of a cowbell has never before instilled so much fear!

Controls: WASD, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interact

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Ribeye Charlie’s Here

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