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Right On Time Game Download

Right On Time is a super fast paced puzzle platformer in which you can use previous versions of yourself as platforms that help you overcome obstacles.

Right On Time features stylish and speed-focused puzzle platforming gameplay across five levels that have to be completed in just thirty seconds. In the game you control a little cube that can move, jump and double jump as you attempt to avoid hazards, activate doors, pick up optional collectibles and make it to the exit.

Sometimes even your double jump won’t be enough to jump over an obstacle though or you may have to keep a button pressed to keep a door open – which is where sacrificing yourself comes into play. At any time in the game you can press ‘E’ to instantly respawn and use up one of your lives. However, your old body stays in the position it was last in, allowing you to use it as a platform or to keep a button pressed.

It’s a fun game that offers a real challenge if you attempt to grab all the optional collectibles scattered throughout each level (although you don’t actually get an ending for your trouble). A cleverly designed puzzle platformer where speed is of the essence and death is just a stepping stone.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, E – Respawn

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Right On Time Here

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