Rinse and Repeat – Downloadable Game

Rinse and Repeat is a fun little horror game that dares inspiration from childhood fears, as you attempt to take a shower without dying.

Rinse and Repeat draws inspiration from a very specific childhood fear of the developer – a fear that something will hurt you when you close your eyes in the shower. The game takes around 5-10 minutes to play through and sees you in a bathroom where you take off your clothes and take a shower. Your actions throughout will decide whether you live or die, and there are five endings in total to find (some of which are entertainingly silly secret endings).

It’s a simple, but effective little horror game with a fun premise, a great sense of humor and a surprisingly terrifying scare. It may make you think twice the next time you step into your shower!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Rinse and Repeat Here

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