Ritual For Coakkan – Downloadable Game

ritual for coakkan

Ritual For Coakkan is a strangely relaxing low rez boat tip controlled entirely via the mouse in which you row your way down a river to perform a sacred ritual.

The control scheme in Ritual For Coakkan is fun but takes little getting used to, with controlling your direction by pointing the mouse, paddling with the left mouse button and performing sharp turns with the right mouse button.  As you navigate the snaking river you’ll see many strange sights, encounter tribes and get a glimpse into their way of life.  It’s an oddly captivating experience, rich in atmosphere, that feels like you’re trespassing in a sacred land.  Well worth taking for a row.

Controls:  Mouse – Set Direction,  LMB – Paddle,  RMB – Sharp Turn

Available On:  windows Only

Download Ritual For Coakkan Here

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