Road Blocks – Browser Game

Road Blocks

Road Blocks is a tricky little puzzler in which you have to use a selection of tiles in the correct order to connect two roads.  Sounds easy?  It isn’t!

Starting off fairly simply with a well implemented tutorial, Road Blocks does a good job of showing you the ropes whilst still keeping players engaged.  To connect two roads you have a selection of tiles that must be laid down in the order they are given to you, but you can bulldoze them or lay them on a helipad for later use.  This is fairly easy at the start but the difficulty soon ramps up after a few levels.

Road Blocks impresses with it’s devious level design, charming pow poly visuals and intuitive interface.  A challenging road building puzzler that will really test your grey matter.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Road Blocks Here

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