RoboCop Vs Predator – Downloadable Game

RoboCop Vs Predator is a hilariously silly retro side-scrolling action game where RoboCop joins forces with pretty much every action story from the 80’s to take down the Predator.

The gameplay in RoboCop Vs Predator draws inspiration from the classic RoboCop arcade games and sees you blasting baddies in a mixture of linear side-scrolling, non-linear 4 way scrolling, shoot ‘em up and shooting range levels. The retro arcade gameplay is a lot of fun and offers a nice amount of challenge, but what really leaves an impression is the story!

Between each level you’re treated to a short visual novel style cut-scene which is often very silly and usually sees Robo meeting up with another action character from the 80’s. Things start off fairly simply, but it’s not long until things get ridiculous and the cast starts to put The Expendables to shame.

It’s a very entertaining game that’s packed full of great humor, 80’s action movie nostalgia, excellent pixel art and kickass tunes. Part game, part parody, all awesome.

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download RoboCop Vs Predator Here

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