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Build, Drive and Fight in Robocraft, as you create robotic battle vehicles that can drive, float or fly then send them into battle to crush your opponents.

With over 100 building blocks to choose from, vehicles slot together as easily as Lego, with you able to build all manner of vehicles – from nimble jet cars to flying warships.  Once you’re happy with your craft, it’s time to enter the arena and smash it (and your opponents) to pieces in team based capture-the-base play.  The carnage on show is wonderful and compliments the building section of the game nicely. Robocraft – Build, Drive, Smash to smithereens!

WASD = Move character
SPACE & SHIFT = Fly up & down
Q = Cube Inventory
C = Cube Depot
E = Enter Robot Pilot Seat
Mouse = Look around
Left Click = Place cube
Right Click = Delete cube
Mouse Wheel Scroll = Rotate Cube
R = Rotate Cube (also)
Mouse Wheel Click = Pick Cube under crosshair

WASD = Move Robot
SPACE & SHIFT = Move up and Down
Mouse = Look around \ Camera
E = Exit Pilot Seat and Teleport back to Mothership

Playable On: Win, Mac & Linux

Download Robocraft Here Via Steam

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