Robot Heist – Browser Game

robot heist game

Robot Heist is a cleverly designed puzzler in which you control two robots who are attempting a huge bank heist, an must navigate traps and mazes by using their distinct skill set – one robot can push blocks horizontally and one can push blocks vertically.

Robot Hiest’s charming pixel art visuals may make the game look quite simple, but the puzzles are deceptively complex. In it you control two robot buddies, one of which can only push blocks horizontally and one who can only push blocks vertically.

As in any puzzle game, level design is king, and thankfully Robot Heist doesn’t disappoint. It’ll really test your forward planning and problem solving skills as you travel through its cleverly crafted levels, packed full of variety and inventive uses for your simple block pushing skills. A charming and challenging pixel art puzzler that’s well worth breaking into.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Swap Robots, Z – Rewind Time

Available On: All Browsers

Download Robot Heist Here

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