Rockheads – Downloadable Game

Rockheads is a fun little Breakout style arcade game where you bounce bombs around the screen to blow up the pesky dwarves that are disturbing your peaceful RPG town.

Created by hwilson (creator of Locust, USA and King of MachinesRockheads is a simple, but addictive Breakout style arcade game where your aim is to kill all the dwarves in each area. You can bounce around your bombs to blow up platforms, blow up dwarves and activate switches. Each bomb will blow up after a set amount of time, but you only lose a life if you lose a bomb out the bottom of the screen. There are other objects such as drills, buzzsaws and winch controls to keep an eye out for and those pesky dwarves are prone to rebuilding broken blocks so you need to work quickly!

It’s not quite as inventive as Locust, USA, but Rockheads is a fun twist on an arcade classic, with charming pixel art visuals and addictive bomb bouncing gameplay. Blowing up dwarves is a lot more fun than blowing up blocks!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows

Download Rockheads Here

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