Rocks and Ravens – Browser Game

Rocks and Ravens is a relaxing Sudoku-esque puzzler that sees you attempting to arrange rocks and diamonds in grid based puzzles to keep the ravens happy.

The stylish hand drawn levels of Rocks and Ravens have two simple rules: (1) The Ravens cannot have direct line of sight with the diamonds, and (2) Each row and column must have at least one rock and one diamond in it. These rules are altered a little later on in the game, but for the most part you’ll be sticking to them.

There’s a total of 17 puzzles to complete, with the game taking around 10 minutes to complete. There’s no rush though – Rocks and Ravens is a very relaxing experience thanks to the beautiful hand drawn artwork and the accompanying audio score. Well worth checking out for a stylish grid based puzzler with clever puzzle design and a wonderfully chilled out atmosphere.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play Rocks and Ravens Here

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