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Rogue Pantry game

Rogue Pantry is a charming roguelike dungeon crawler that packs lots of loot, monsters and addictive gameplay into it’s bite sized adventure that’s played within the constraints of a 192×192 aspect ratio.

192×192 pixels is not much to work with, but it’s incredible how much detail and gameplay developer Ptrick has managed to squeeze out of it in Rogue Pantry. Your goal is to get through all the levels of the dungeon as fast as possible and defeat the dragon waiting at the end. After you’ve created your character and selected your weaponry from a wide array of options, you set forth on a charming little dungeon crawling adventure that can be completed in under 10 minutes.

Battles require you to time your hits and blocks to cause maximum damage while avoiding being hurt yourself. There’s a nice selection of enemies to fight, and after each encounter you can level up one of your stats, you’re given the option to equip a new weapon that’s been dropped (be careful though not all new weaponry is better), and you’re also given a choice of wether you want to travel to an adjacent area or one a level below you. If you travel to an adjacent area you’ll battle a weaker enemy which will allow you to grind your stats up but reaching the end will take longer, while if you travel to a level below the enemy will be tougher but you’ll reach the end quicker (and get a better score).

It’s an impressive game, that does an exceptional job of condensing a full dungeon crawling adventure into a micro-sized aspect ratio and bite sized playtime. A terrific tiny roguelike adventure well worth taking a look at (possibly with a magnifying glass!)

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Important Note: Press Alt + Enter for full screen (you may not be able to see it otherwise!)

Download Rogue Pantry Here

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