Room 007 – Download Game

Room 007 game download

Room 007 is a clever little puzzler in which you attempt to use the various secret compartments and gadgetry in a spy’s hotel room to dispose of the bombs that keep on getting planted in it.

Much like the secret agent with the same codename, Room 007 is no ordinary room.  It’s packed with all manner of cool spy gadgets, from jet propelled chairs to hidden gun racks, all of which will come in handy in the dangerous business of bomb disposal.  As each bomb is thrown planted, you must activate these gadgets and knock it to roll it out of the room, leaving your room safe to fight another day.

Taking around five minutes to complete, Room 007 is a fun little game that manages to pack lots of inventive puzzles into its little gadget filled room. Well worth checking out for some cleverly crafted bomb disposal fun.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Room 007 Here

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