Room of Roilands – Download Game

Room of Roilands Game Download

Room of Roilands is a fabulously funny fan made first person adventure game in which you explore a strange nightclub filled with Justin Roiland’s characters, including Earl of Lemongrab (from Adventure Time), Oscar (from Fish Sticks) and Rick and Morty, with an aim of procuring some Brain Nuggets for Rick.

In Room of Roilands you play a normal person who’s gatecrashed the city’s hottest club, the Room of Roilands, a hip and happening place filled with characters entirely voiced by Justin Roiland – co-creator of Rick and Morty and voice artist behind many favourite characters in Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and Fish Sticks. In the game you explore the nightclub, meeting to the many weird and wonderful characters that Justin Roiland has created, chatting to them and attempting to get some Brain Nuggets for Rick so that he’ll let you go through a mysterious portal.

As you explore the Room of Roilands there are many great surprises and laugh out loud moments of hilarity, accompanied by perfect recreations of the character artwork and lots of familiar sound bytes. You’ll need to talk to most characters a few times to get items from them or advance the story, but that’s not a problem as the developer has managed to perfectly capture the bizarre humor of Roiland’s characters. Highlights include the Eyeholes Man, Mr Meeseeks, Mr Poopybuthole, meeting Doc and Mharti (from the animated short that inspired Rick and Morty) and of course meeting Rick and Morty. If you’ve ever enjoyed any of Justin Roiland’s characters we highly recommend sneaking into Room of Roilands, You’ll have a wubba lubba awesome time!

Controls; WASD – Movement, E – Interact, Mouse Wheel – Inventory, LMB – Use Item

Available On: Windows & Mac

Full Walkthrough Video: Here

Tip: A lot of the time you’ll need to take to a character several times to obtain an object/advance the story

Download Room of Roilands Here

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