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ROOMSERVICE is an odd little first person puzzle adventure where you game where carry our errands as you attempt to navigate a 16 sided interdimensional cubic hotel.

In ROOMSERVICE you take on the role of a new employee at a hotel who must carry out different tasks to keep the guests happy. The tasks are pretty straight forward (if a little odd), and generally involve you doing things like turning off noisy electrical goods, making coffee and watering plants. However, making your way through the hotel is a whole different matter – there are 16 unique rooms squashed into 8 sides of the weird interdimensional cube they’re built on. This makes trying to find a specific room extremely hard as rooms shift to different sides of the cube while you move.

It’s a short and strange little game with a very cool low poly visual style and a wonderfully disorientating game world. It’s extremely easy to get lost in this bizarre interdimensional hotel – you can check-in, but you may never leave!

Controls: W – Forward, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interact

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here


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