Rose Petal – Downloadable Game

Rose Petal is a creepy physics-based first person puzzle action adventure where you fight bugs and solve puzzles to save your daughter from a freaky ghostly entity.

In Rose Petal your daughter has been kidnapped and is being held by a ghostly apparition within a structure surrounded by water. You now need to find a way to distract the entity and rescue your daughter, but to do so you’ll need to gather a few useful items from the surrounding buildings…

Rose Petal is more of an eerie puzzle game than a full on horror game, and what’s really impressive about it is how varied and creative the puzzle design is. There’s a lot to discover within its carefully crafted environments and there’s a real physicality to the puzzles and their solutions. See if you can solve them and save your daughter!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Rose Petal Here

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