Rose Sewers – Downloadable Game

Rose Sewers is an Inscryption inspired card combat game where you plant roses to battle your rivals and appease the Blood God.

In Rose Sewers you face off against a series of opponents in 1v1 battles. You and your opponent each have five plant pots in front of you and you can plant different types of roses in them. The roses cost you blood to plant them and can be useful for offense or defense. Each round the roses will automatically attack whatever is in front of them (roses or your rival), and you need to use this to overwhelm your enemy and deplete all of their blood.

It’s a fun take on the card duelling genre with intuitive and addictive gameplay, and an enjoyably dank and grimy atmosphere. Time to join in a real war of the roses!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download or Play Rose Sewers Here

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