Roto Blaster – Browser Game

Roto Blaster is a super cool arcade tunnel runner in which the more guns you have, the harder it can be to dodge incoming hazards.

Roto Blaster is a Tempest-esque high score chasing twitch arcade game that sees you gunning your way through hazard-filled randomly generated tunnels in search of an elusive high score. Your ship is made up of individual spokes that are spread out like the spokes on a bike wheel and if you level up or collect certain power-ups then you’ll gain a spoke, but if any of these spokes hit an enemy/obstruction then the’ll be destroyed.

The extra spokes do come in handy for blasting enemies and picking up collectibles, but they can also make it harder to dodge obstacles. You can retract all of your spokes into a single spoke to help you pass tougher restrictions but if you collide with anything in this state then you’ll be left with just a single spoke (collide with just one spoke left and it’s game over).

It’s a very addictive game with super stylish retro visuals, a catchy soundtrack and challenging twitchy arcade gameplay. Well worth checking out for some retro roto blasting tunnel running fun.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Up Arrow – Squeeze Guns, X – Shoot

Available On: All Browsers (May Not Work In Safari)

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Roto Blaster Here (May Not Work In Safari)

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