ROV – Downloadable Game

ROV is a tense and atmospheric ROV simulation horror game where you pilot a remotely operated submersible vehicle down the side of an oil-rig riser.

In ROV your goal is to pilot an ROV down to three different depths of an oil rig riser and collect three samples of mysterious organic material that’s begun to grow on the side of it. Moving your ROV around is reasonably easy once you figure out the controls, but operating the mechanical arm to grab the samples is an entirely different matter!

At the moment it’s let down by a rather formulaic ending and some insanely complicated keyboard-based controls (a control pad may be a better fit). Other than that though, it’s a fantastic premise with authentic looking visuals and a very unsettling atmosphere. It would be perfect for expanding on in the future as it’s a very unique horror experience and there could be anything lurking in those depths!

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download ROV Here

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