Rumble – Downloadable Game

Rumble is a fast paced little puzzle action game where you attempt to prevent buildings from collapsing on residents during an earthquake.

Created for Ludum Dare 49, Rumble is a fun little puzzle action game where you are a handyman who works in buildings that are plagued by earthquakes. Each of the floors in your buildings are supported by four walls and the walls are randomly destroyed by the earthquakes. If too many walls are destroyed then that floor will collapse, killing anyone in it (including you) and damaging floors below.

You need to go from floor to floor repairing the walls and preventing them from collapsing on any residents. This requires a little prioritization and a lot of speed, though you can decide to strategically abandon certain floors to save time (as long as there’s nobody on in them).

It’s a simple, but fun and addictive little game with a great hand-drawn visual style and frantic fast paced gameplay. See if you can keep it up or just bring the house down!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Return – Fix

Available On: Windows

Download Rumble Here

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