Rupert Rabbit in Murder My Bunny – Browser game

Rupert Rabbit in: Murder, My Bunny is a stylish and silly black and white murder mystery adventure where a rabbit investigates a magician’s death.

Created for the B&W Jam, in Rupert Rabbit in: Murder, My Bunny you take on the role of a rabbit who works as part of a magician called Marcel the Magnificant’s act. However, just before a show in a small town bar you discover that someone has chopped Marcel’s head off. Time to do some investigating to discover who the culprit is!

The gameplay in Rupert Rabbit in: Murder, My Bunny is fairly simple – you just explore the bar, discover clues and interrogate witnesses. There are a few people with motives and means, but who did it?

It’s a fun little game with a delightfully weird premise, a great black and white visual style and lots of witty dialogue. A short and silly adventure of murder, mystery and magic!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – interact

Available On: Browser

Play Rupert Rabbit in: Murder, My Bunny Here

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