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s0urce io game

s0urce.io is a very addictive blend of incremental clicking and massively multiplayer hacking as you invest in data miners, upgrade your firewall defense, hack other players on the server to steal their nefariously earned Bitcoins.

Starting as a little fish in a big massively multiplayer hacking pond, if you stick to lower targets on your s0urce.io ‘Hacker Target List’  it can be fairly easy to bypass their firewalls and make off with some cash.  You hack them by selecting them from the list, then choose one of three ports to hack into, at which point a terminal will pop up and you have to type a series of short commands via your keyboard to bypass their firewall.  Once you successfully hack someone you take a slice of their cash and can leave a ‘friendly’ message on their profile (to really piss them off).

The cash you earn from hacking can be used to upgrade your firewalls or to purchase Incremental Clicker-esque ‘Data Miners’ that earn you a set amount of Bitcoins over time.  There are various ways you can upgrade your firewall, each of which makes it harder for your opponents to hack you – such as making the commands they have to type into the terminal more complex or regenerating your firewall faster over time.  Also, if you notice someone hacking you you can fend them off by purchasing more ‘charges’ for your firewall, effectively clearing a lot of the progress they’ve made hacking your terminal.

It can take a few minutes to wrap your head around and there is an issue with server lag now and again, but once you get into it, s0urce.io makes for a very addictive massively multiplayer hacking experience – especially once you work your way up the ranks and build a few ‘friendly’ rivalries!

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Play s0urce.io Here

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